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What should be the New Year? how should we meet it? all we are thinking about it now. The only thing is now known for certain that the symbol of the coming 2012 is Dragon - the ancient symbol of good fortune and luck. He embodies the grandeur, the imperial power and good civil government. In this regard, our design-studio has produced an unusual design for the famous iPhone 4S, which will help you celebrate the New Year to all weapons. 

The model is called iPhone 4S White Dragon and is dedicated to the most powerful white dragon. White Dragon - the rarest of creatures in the universe, amazing, incredible endowed with qualities which are not present, not only from other living beings, but also from other dragons. It combines the capabilities of many other dragons.The rear panel of the model iPhone 4S White Dragon is made of white perfectly polished metal, with an engraving in the form of scale of the dragon. The central button on the idea of ​​designers is an eye of the dragon and must be made of the noble stone of your choice. This can be combative bright red garnet, yellow citrine, ravenous green emerald or noble blue topaz. In addition, the customer can remain standard button. Optionally, you can do the apple and the rear panel of stainless steel, silver, gold or platinum.
White Dragon - a cloud dragon, symbolizing the life-giving rain, the spirit of rebirth and change. Just as it, iPhone 4S White Dragon will become not only a very tech stylish addition to your image, but also your mascot. And thanks to the large number of possible variants of rear panel, the apple and the button “Home” your combination of chosen materials is almost certain to be unique. The price of model start from $3000.

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